mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Yahoo! France striking today

Despite multiplying its profit by more than 300% in the third quarter of 2009, mostly through cost-cutting, Yahoo! is planning to lay-off all its engineers currently located in France. This would put an end to the Yahoo! R&D centre in Grenoble inaugurated last year in great fanfare with the french minister of economy Christine Lagarde.

This lay-off project was announced a few days after Carol Bartz said that: “Six per cent operating margin is terrible, terrible... We have a commitment that it will be 15-20% in the next three years,” she said at a lunch talk organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

According to a Yacast study quoted by "NPA conseil", Yahoo! France collected 208 Millions EUR on the advertising market in 2008. This number must be compared to the number of employees in France: 212.

French engineers are going on strike today (16th December) to protest against the way Yahoo! is leading this project.

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