mercredi 16 décembre 2009

Yahoo! France striking today

Despite multiplying its profit by more than 300% in the third quarter of 2009, mostly through cost-cutting, Yahoo! is planning to lay-off all its engineers currently located in France. This would put an end to the Yahoo! R&D centre in Grenoble inaugurated last year in great fanfare with the french minister of economy Christine Lagarde.

This lay-off project was announced a few days after Carol Bartz said that: “Six per cent operating margin is terrible, terrible... We have a commitment that it will be 15-20% in the next three years,” she said at a lunch talk organised by the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

According to a Yacast study quoted by "NPA conseil", Yahoo! France collected 208 Millions EUR on the advertising market in 2008. This number must be compared to the number of employees in France: 212.

French engineers are going on strike today (16th December) to protest against the way Yahoo! is leading this project.

Translation of the JDN article

Friday 13th November

Yahoo announced the closure of its R & D located in Grenoble. This reorganization is accompanied by the elimination of 78 positions.

Barely a year and a half is the time Yahoo found a use for its new research and development center located near Grenoble (Isère). The group confirmed its intention to close the site, resulting in the elimination of 78 positions

In return, some sixty engineering positions will be created in the United States and Western Europe, where fifty should be offered primarily to engineers covered by the PSE (the legal name for the reorganisation project), indicates the direction of Yahoo France. The group has 13 500 employees worldwide including 212 in France.

Opened in August 2008 next to the formerprice comparison website, Kelkoo, the Grenoble site was intended to become the only European R & D centre dedicated to search engine technology. This site was inaugurated in September 2008 with great fanfare by the French Minister of Economy Christine Lagarde.

"France is indeed a land of innovation and the decision of Yahoo! to install and develop teams of research and development here proves it" had at the time welcomed the french minister.

But Yahoo has eventually preferred to "consolidate its platforms engineering now isolated in four world centers": its headquarters in Sunnyvale, California, with European headquarters based in London and those in Taiwan and Bangalore (India ). In January, Yahoo had already separated by about one fifth of its French workforce, or about fifty employees.

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